BLACK ART Illuminated

Event Date: Oct 14, 2022
Posted: October 10, 2022

A Convening and Showcase for Black Creatives

Friday, October 14th, 3-9pm
The Commons at Findley Market, 109 W Elder St.

This event is a regional convening of black artists, creatives, designers, and talent during the BLINK Cincinnati Light Festival.  This multi-faceted day will showcase the contributions of black creative minds, build a diverse talent pipeline for creative and marketing-related firms, and foster stronger connections between creative and marketing professionals within our region.

The day is broken into 3 parts:
The Collegiate Panel 3-5pm
Topic: From Passion to Profession
Students and faculty will draw inspiration from the personal and professional life experiences of mid and senior-level creative and marketing professionals. Attendees will learn about discovering and harnessing their passion for creativity and how it can be manifested into a professional career path.
Meet the Artists 5-6pm
Reception in the backdrop of black art 6-9pm

All Events are FREE of charge.

Julie Courtney
515 Madison Avenue
Covington, KY 41011

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