Internship at Strap, Cincinnati

Posted: April 22, 2015

I’m reaching out to see if you have any students who are still seeking a summer or fall internship. Strap is a startup located in Cincinnati and we’re looking for Juniors or Seniors with prior internship experience to jump in and help with a lot of exciting projects 🙂 I’m copying our description below. Our internship is paid! And Cincinnati is a great city for a designer to network and we will provide plenty of opportunities to help facilitate that. Strap is a tech product for marketers, so there’s a ton of graphic and web design needed as well as a chance to do some UI and front end work if they’re interested. 

Our internship has been approved as a co-op and students can also find it in that system.

Contact Sophie Turcotte, Communications Director at Strap if you are interested in the below.


Strap interns have a direct impact on our work. This is the ideal internship for a self starter who is detail driven but can also think big picture with us. Unlike other internships at bigger companies, you will be working hands on with our products and helping drive the success of Strap.

Your days here will largely be what you make of them. You can be part of changing this place if you want, but that comes through initiative, courage, and some elbow grease. And you’ll have a mentor whose brain you can pick along the way, as long as you’re ready to return the favor.

We’re looking specifically for college juniors and seniors.

All of our internships are 3 months long, 20 hours a week MINIMUM. Any less and you won’t be getting the full Strap experience.

Graphic/Web Design

We’re looking for DESIGN INTERNS with awe inducing portfolios that showcase a wide variety of conceptual, well thought out work with a focus on web design and illustration. You will be using Adobe Creative Suite ALL DAY so you better be crazy good at it. A little front end experience certainly doesn’t hurt.

Specific Tasks Include: designing internal projects, assisting in brainstorming and concepting sessions and more.

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