Designers for MUSE MGMT

Posted: September 1, 2021

I’m Kylie Osmond, a student and the President and Creative Director of MUSE MGMT, a creative society at Miami University. This year we are redirecting our organization where graphic designers are a huge focus and necessity to our brand. I would like to turn muse into a lifestyle brand and community and I can’t do it without an awesome graphic designer! I am looking for designers who would like to create purposeful creative brand merch that we would release throughout the org and on our website, collaborate with photographers on content editing, redesign and expand our website to a brand, etc. This org will be a great opportunity for portfolio building and experience. It would be more than greatly appreciated if you could spread the word to your communication design students. If any of them are interested in joining our team they can send their portfolios by applying on our current website at MUSE MGMT or they can email me at

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