eLearning Production Assistant- Video Production/Editing

Posted: June 15, 2018


eLearning Production Assistant (Video Production/Editing Focus)

This position supports eLearning Miami (ELM). The eLearning Production Assistant will work under the direction of multiple staff in ELM.

ELM offers flexible schedules Monday – Friday with up to 22 hours for full-time students, and up to 40 hours for students who are on break (e.g. Summer, Winter, etc), and not currently enrolled in classes.

Minimum Qualifications:
All candidates for the eLearning Production Assistant position should demonstrate excellent customer service and communication skills, strong attention to detail, the ability to meet deadlines, and strictly adhere to university and department procedures. Additionally, eLearning Production Assistants are frequently cross-trained to support multiple roles and strong candidates with have the flexibility to work outside of their primary support areas, as required.

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