Equator Design is Hiring in Chicago and Cincinnati

Posted: February 19, 2019

Both Equator’s Chicago office and our new Cincinnati office are currently accepting applications. The official posts will likely not come out until next week, so you guys are getting the inside scoop! Positions available are as follows:

Senior Designer
Senior Designer
Creative Director

As you can see, neither offices are actively recruiting Junior Designer positions, which would likely be the level any of your seniors or most recent grads would be eligible for. However, we strongly feel that if an excellent Jr. candidate were to present him/herself, it would still be a great opportunity to send their work and make an introduction with the company.

If you have any interested parties, they can certainly reach out to one of our creative directors here, Aaron Funke at Aaron.Funke@equator-design.com.

This posting was shared by Miami Graphic Design Alum, Meghan Canfield (class of 2016). Contact Meghan at meghan.canfield@equator-design.com to learn more about Equator Design,

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