Miami Startup Creative Director

Posted: September 1, 2016

My name is Lauryn Lahr and I am a junior at Miami. I currently serve as the Creative Director for the Miami chapter of Spoon University, which is a collegiate online food publication. We are looking to hire a new Creative Director for the 2016-2017 school year. Please pass this email along to any students who you think might be interested in this position. 

The position of Creative Director includes:

  • Working with the executive team (editorial director and marketing director) to create graphics for social media, web, or print
  • Working with a team of photographers to ensure high photo quality
  • Assisting with marketing projects as needed

Those interested in the Creative Director position should:

  • Have basic experience with photography and the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Be able to devote 2-3 hours per week to the position
  • Be able to create high-quality visuals and understand what makes a good image

This is an unpaid position, but Spoon University is an up-and-coming tech and communications company with a huge social media following and amazing opportunities for personal advancement. Miami Spoon members alone have had their articles reposted by Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and MTV, gotten hundreds of thousands of pageviews on their articles, and been afforded amazing networking opportunities within major cities. This is an amazing way to build your personal portfolio, get experience working in a tech startup, and improve your brand and skills. 

Please reach out to me,, with any questions or if you are interested in the position. Thanks for your time!

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