Miracle League Mascot Project

Posted: September 10, 2019

I am on the Board of Directors for theĀ Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Fields, a baseball and recreation facility in Fairfield that is built to serve individuals with special needs. Our facility is entirely handicap accessible, and it’s an unbelievably powerful place. We have two entirely rubberized baseball fields, handicap-accessible playground equipment, a boccie ball court, and (opening this Fall) an accessible, 18-hole mini golf course! We have players from ages 4-74 playing baseball in our leagues, and it’s a truly life-changing place.

Our next big project, which I am leading, is the development of a mascot for our organization. I was thrilled that Melanie Mortimore from CCA came out to the fields one Saturday morning and gave me tremendous insight based on her expertise in puppetry. In talking with Melanie, our Board settled on the idea of having a mascot that is named, and is, a “Joey.”

Our organization’s namesake is Joe Nuxhall, former Cincinnati Reds pitcher, broadcaster, and legend; we thought that a baby kangaroo (which are called joeys) would be a great nod to him. In talking with Melanie, we discussed the idea of this Joey representing some type of handicap so our players can identify with him (possibly a leg brace, visual disability glasses, hearing aids, etc.). We would likely just settle on one of those representations so we don’t trivialize what our players and families go through.

Now, to the point of my request. We are in need of a visual design for this concept to develop the visual pieces.

As a Miami alum, it would be a real honor if a Miami student could develop a design for this really important project. This mascot will be the visual focus of our organization for many years to come, and I’d love to have Miami join in the magic.

If it would be helpful, we would be happy to reimburse the student with the winning design, or if there is a particular student who wants to work on the project long-term and would take us on as a client, we could work out a financial agreement there as well.

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